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Store your catch reports, lake maps, diaries and photos in one place

It is important to make notes when fishing, marking a map will also help you to find lake patterns, such as where the fish hide in certain winds, at certain times and different temperatures.

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How to use The Lake Library

Sign up for your free account

We need you to sign up so we can record your catches in our database and keep them neat for you.

We wont ask for any information that isnt needed, just the basics to make sure we give you a great experience.

Register a new session

This will start a new report for you, you will find them listed on the reports page.

Populate the session page

Once you have registered a new session, go to the reports page and click on the session, you will see links on the report to add information to each section. Such as weather, photos, notes and catch information.

Upload your lake map

Hopefully you have been marking up your lake map of shows, catches, depths, features etc... If you have, upload it to the map section. If you havent, start today, it will give you a huge edge over the other anglers.

Upload your handwritten diary

You should also be filling in a diary whilst next to the lake to make sure you capture what happens during the session, add this to the diary section.

Upload session notes

If there are any important notes you need to reference to quickly, add them to the session notes section so they are clearly visible. Notes such as, what the baliff said, any catches made by other anglers, if any bait worked particularly well, if a change in the weather spurred the fish to feed. The more info you add now, the better your reports will be later when you need them.

Upload weather details

We all know that the weather plays a huge part in fishing and contributes alot to whether the fish feed and where they are on the lake. The weather section is designed to let you add a change in the weather at any time of day, if you think its important, note it down and add it to the weather section.

Upload catch details

Add the information for the fish you caught on the session, if you add information about the rigs and bait, you will more than likely find something that works better than others and you will be able to refer back to this if you visit the lake again.

Once you add the catch details, it will show up on the report, you will then see a link that will allow you to add photos of the fish and rigs for each catch.


The more information you record now, the more it will help you later! Even if it is a tiny detail, it may be the key to you never blanking on that lake again!